Lately in love with that frustrating woman named Cintia Alonso, I find no comfort in my usual routine. Those days that filled my loneliness now lay empty and desolate. Nothing and no one will ever comfort my unhappy heart.


Steadfast in moving away from me, she is not able to see that she fights against the very nature that has united us. Fate has dictated that we should be together, although to her that does not seem to matter at all … She just wants to forget me forever and I have no choice but to respect her request, keeping me away, as absurd and absurd as the idea may seem.


Ironies of life … How to forget forever who will be remembered forever?

I will live the rest of my days hopelessly in love with a man who will never be by my side, because a bad day for the heart (but good for sanity) I decided that it was so.

205 pages
2st installment of the Forever Saga “Forget Forever” Publication: December 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1539384465 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1539384462
Publisher: Nuria Pariente Nogueras
Author: Nuria Pariente Nogueras