Love, rupture, insecurities, reconciliation, anguish and self-improvement, … all this and more populated Remember Forever and Forget Forever.

In this third installment of the saga, even if only by its name: Amar Forever, it is almost obligatory to give rise to poetry for the ears: the end of romantic novel that everyone wants to hear.

Nothing further from reality, since there is no love forever, without complications, where it is not necessary to fight, cry, laugh or forgive every day.


The worst is coming to our protagonist …

“Cursing a ball against a corner of the zulo that holds me against my will, I have lost the notion of time, I would not know how much I have locked up here.
Frightened, trembling with fear and cold, I hug myself, rub my arms in vain, swing back and forth between my knees, but nothing works.

Cruel reality catches my bones. The raw reality already manifests on my empty stomach, dry my lips. The stark reality is the image and sound of Bryan’s great body falling slumped against polished marble, before darkness overcame me … ”

259 pages
3st installment of the Forever Saga “Love Forever” Publication: December 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1539384533 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1539384535
Publisher: Nuria Pariente Nogueras
Author: Nuria Pariente Nogueras